About Us

DataBOOM, with registered office at Lisbon - Portugal, is a consultancy and support company on business intelligence, which provides a complete office via a web platform for business prospection and development, complemented with tools and services for commercial management, human resources recruitment and outsourcing, branding, web marketing, social media communication and advertising.
Data BOOM Platform has worldwide coverage, collects data on 190 countries and grants access, to users, to a global business network with direct contact information of over 4.5 Million companies and of over 12 Million professionals - administrators, managers and professionals searching for a job.
The platform’s database has a comprehensive industrial classification system, with more than 50 horizontal and vertical industrial areas to facilitate browsing and searching. The data is constantly updated and new data frequently uploaded.
DataBOOM is the advantage factor your company and your career, providing direct contact - email and/or phone number - to companies’ decision makers.
Search for companies on the platform, contact directly decision makers, plan and manage on the integrated CRM - Customer Relationship Management and accomplish and supervise on the MobSLG - Mobile Sales Leads Generator, a mobile app for the sales team smartphones.
Identify opportunities first, avoid “gatekeepers” and intermediates, close business worldwide, make your business grow, export, import, become international or multinational, with precious time savings and cost reductions.
Data BOOM creates opportunities for companies and for professionals, also! Create an account for your company or for yourself, it's free, or claim for account management if your company already exists in the database. Customize your company or professional profile, gain international visibility for your brand or your career, show your company and your products or your professional achievements, upload documents, images, catalogs and videos, search for companies worldwide, contact directly decision-makers, find new clients, better suppliers and perfect business partners, make business grow, export, import, become international or multinational, search for top professionals for recruitment or search for your dream job at your favourite companies.
Branding, web marketing, social media management, advertising and human resources are taylormade services. For these services, please, read the related pages Marketing, Human Resources and Services and Contact us at mr.black@databoom.eu.