Human Resources



Data Boom provides a listing of the most experienced professionals in 82 market areas worldwide, providing our clients an experience and professional force by outsourcing service.

Interim management

Promote companies' organization and
implement markting strategies

With this outsourcing service, our clients have access to interim managers, where the recruitment process is correlated with the projects temporality of the companies; get experts to temporarily manage your company's projects in several areas, i.e. quality; environment; health, hygiene & safety at work; hygiene and food safety; corporate social responsibility; research, development and innovation; and human resources, among other projects. The focus is, predominantly, on the facilitation of the implementation of systems and strategies, constitute agents of change, constitute innovation management teams, promote companies' organisation and implement marketing strategies.


We provide a service selection
of senior management

We provide a service selection of senior management, with the aim of selecting professionals that stand out in your industry, either by its expertise or by their experience.


Always with the objective of eliminating
the conflit and create allies

The outplacement service is related to the needs that the companies have to proceed to fast restructure their personnel area, providing individuals or groups a precise evaluation and consulting service, in order to pacify the process of restructuring of the company and help individuals to continue their professional life.
In most cases this means rearranging a new beginning, through subsequent interventions, always with the objective of eliminating the conflict and create allies

Recruitment and selection

The aims is to attract and select the right professional to perform a particular function. The selection process consist in the interviews, group dynamics and psychological tests, among others, or a combination of several tests, depending on the policy or practice of the organization. An objective selection, impartial. For us the professional has to be the mirror of the organization and must contribute to the achievement and performance of a company.
In order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success that our clients are accustomed, Date boom provides each partner not only an international effectively and updated search channel in the Human Resources, but also a network of experienced consulters that can assist and monitor the development and success individually for each project and company worldwide