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Legal Information

The website www.databoom.eu, mentioned below as DataBOOM Platform or as platform only, and its commercial management add-ons, the CRM - Customer Relationship Management and MobSLG - Mobile Sales Leads Generator, belong to DataBOOM Company.

The CRM and the MobSLG are platform´s applications that organize data for commercial and sales management.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

This terms of use and privacy policy applies to business data, companies data and professionals data that platform users - companies or individuals - provide on sign up, on profile customization, on job application or on files uploading, as well as data provided to the platform from the use of the CRM and the MobSLG. DataBOOM collects, processes, stores and makes available or discloses data exclusively on the platform and on its add-ons for business development to registered users; companies and professionals information are not used or made available for other purposes.

By signing up in the platform and providing business data, companies data or professionals data, the user expressly agrees with the collection, processing, storage, availability and disclosure of the data for business listings, business intelligence, business networking, business development, business contacts and appointments and for job offer or job application in, around, 70 horizontal and vertical industries: Accountancy; Activities of Extraterritorial Bodies and Organisations; Activities of Households as Employers & Maintenance; Administrative & Support Services; Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Environment; Apparel, Accessories, Classic Luxury Goods, Footwear Sportswear & Underwear; Arts, Handicraft, Entertainment, Recreation, Events, Fairs & Congresses; Automotive, Motor Industry & Auto Services; Aviation; Banks & Financial Services; Chemicals; Consultancy & Audit; Consumer Electronics; Consumer Goods; Contact Center; Cosmetology & Beautification Services; Decoration, Design of Products & Equipments; Defense & Security; Distribution; Education, Training, Academic, Investigation & Development; Electronics & Electrical; Energy & Utilities; Financial Services; FMCG/CPG; Food & Drink; Food Service; Freight Transport & Storage; Furniture, Fixtures & Furnishings, Lightning, Appliances & Electronic Equipments; Government & Public Administration; Health Clubs; Human Resources Services; Industrial Equipment; Industrial Production; Infrastructure/Construction/Engineering; Insurance; IT, Computers & Software; Legal; Machinery & Equipment; Maintenance & Repair Services; Management Consultant; Manufacturing; Marketing, Communication, PR, Advertising, Design & Translation; Materials; Media; Media & Publishing; Medical Devices - Market Information; Metals; Mining & Quarrying; Oil & Gas; Operations & Logistic Services; Petrochemicals; Pharmaceuticals, Medical & Health Care; Printing, Paper & Publishing; Private Security; Professional, Scientific & Technical Services; Public Administration, Defense & Security; Real Estate/Property; Retail Trade; Services; Social, Community Services & Association; Sports; Telecoms & Communications; Textiles; Textiles & Clothing; Tourism, Travel, Leisure & Accommodation; Transport; Transportation of Waste & Recycling; Undefined; Wholesale Trade; Wood, Furniture & Paper.

The platform does not ask users for sensitive personal data, for instance, information concerning racial or ethnic origin, philosophical or political beliefs, party or trade union affiliation, religious faith or health condition; however, if the user includes data from those natures, he will be expressly consenting the collection, processing, storage, availability and disclosure of the data, pursuant to the platform’s terms and conditions of use.

Data provided by users on the platform is from their own total responsibility and becomes DataBOOM's property. The company collects, processes, stores and makes it available, through two access levels - free or licenced. Users can consult data through the platform, through the CRM and through the MobSLG, pursuant to the platform’s terms and conditions of use; data will not be made available for exporting or for third party database transference.

As mentioned above, users expressly agree the availability and disclosure of their data, pursuant to the platform’s terms and conditions of use. Data coverage and disclosure is worldwide, happens inside and outside the European Union.

Data Boom undertakes to put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect business data, companies, professionals data and other information about users against unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized disclosure, destruction and accidental or unlawful loss.

Users may, at any time, access their personal data, obtain a copy of it, update their profile or request it’s removal from the platform, in accordance with the law, by contacting the company through the means available on the platform.

Terms and Conditions of Website Use:

By using the website www.databoom.eu, the user expressly agrees to the following terms of use:
  1. The website is for information purposes only and intended exclusively for consultation of its contents. It is not foreseen data exportation and it is forbidden to copy, alter, (except that provided for in indent b. of this paragraph), reproduce, duplicate, export, distribute, sale or resale, among other forms of exploitation for commercial purposes or non commercial purposes, pieces or the totality of the website, without the prior authorization of the company DataBOOM:
    • The website is a platform for prospecting & business development; brings together, in a business and professional network, contacts and information about companies and professionals. In order to become a user, the interested organization or individual will have to open an account on the platform and create a user profile, either as a company or as a professional;
    • The user only has the right to make changes to his profile, exclusively on his own information, with good sense, good conduct and with real data, that contribute to its identification, participation and promotion in the network.
  2. All intellectual property rights to the website and its contents belong to the DataBOOM company, unless otherwise expressly stated.
  3. The creation of a link that points to the website is only allowed if it is done referring to the homepage and, therefore, prohibited for the deeper or secondary pages.
  4. DataBOOM uses good judgment to process, compile and make available the information on the website and aims, worldwide, at business prospection, business development between companies and at job offers and job search between companies and professionals. DataBOOM, likewise, relies on common sense, good conduct and seriousness of the users as well as on the truthfulness of the data that they inscribe to the platform. Not being able to control and, of course, not being possible to assume responsibility for the data entered by users, DataBOOM recommends that all users verify the accuracy of the prospected data, on their own, before making any decision based on them; although unlikely, there may be faults or errors. DataBOOM is not responsible for errors, faults or failures that may occur in the data entered by users, once assumed the profile by the user, he becomes responsible for managing the information made available.
  5. DataBOOM is a business intelligence consulting and support company for prospecting and business development. DataBOOM shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the users and shall not claim the merit for the gains or advantages acquired, resulting from the use of the information contained in the platform, whether such losses or those gains of a financial or other nature.
  6. The platform's content was compiled from various sources and also are the updates. The platform's data is subject to change without notice.
  7. Consultation of business information, professional curricula, related documentation and other forms of content disseminated on the platform do not guarantee users to be asked for more information; likewise, contacts established between users do not guarantee the completion of business or employment. DataBOOM can not, of course, guarantee responses to contacts established between users.
  8. All contacts and negotiations established between users, whether companies or professionals, whether for business purpose or contracting, are the sole responsibility of the parties in negotiation.
  9. DataBOOM brings together and facilitates the search for business and employment contacts. DataBOOM can not guarantee the realization and success of the projects or business and neither the contracting nor the conditions and duration of the employment contracts established among the users of the platform.
  10. If the terms and conditions of use and privacy change, all users will be informed, through the channels associated with your account
  11. Data collection technology:
    • Cookies: DataBOOM may use cookies in its products - platform, CRM and MobSLG, in the services provided, in the emails sent and in the publicity disclosed. A cookie is a small text file, automatically saved by the user's computer, which can be identified each time the user reuses the DataBOOM products and services. Cookies work as identifiers for your computer but not the user's own.Users of the Data Boom are free to set up their internet browser in order to prevent the installation of cookies in their computers, if they so wish. DataBOOM uses cookies to store user preferences for future visits, to control ads, to compile traffic statistics and website usage statistics to improve the user experience. DataBOOM may hire third parties to help us better understand the behavior of our website users, they are not authorized to use the information collected on our behalf, other than for the sole and exclusive purpose of improving our products and services.
    • Pixel Tags: The pixel tag, also known as clear GIF or web beacon is an invisible graphic file placed on certain pages of a website or of an email, but not on your computer. When you access these pages or read email, the pixel tag generates a specific notification with user data only for the purposes of monitoring utilization carried out for the exclusive use and benefit of the DataBOOM. DataBOOM may hire third parties to help us better understand the users of our website, not being authorized them to use the information collected on our behalf except to help us deliver and improve our service.